Why is Film Thickness Important?

Why is Film Thickness Important?

Plastic films are often used to encapsulate, protect and preserve products that are sold to consumers or industry. The film is used as a two way barrier to stop product leaking out and also external contaminants migrating in.

Precision Thickness Gauge

Hanatek FT3 Precision Thickness Gauge

The effectiveness of the film as a barrier is related to its chemical composition and also its thickness.

Films which are below a specified thickness may fail physically- bursting, splitting or leaking, they will also be less effective at stopping the migration of oxygen and contaminants that can lead to product spoilage.

Who Measures Film Thickness ?

Packaging developers and product manufacturers measure and specify the thickness of the film to ensure the robustness of the packaging and the functionality of the barrier.
Various test methods are used in this specification including burst testing, tear testing and various film migration tests. These tests, including thickness measurement are repeated as part of Quality Assurance inspection throughout the manufacture of a product.

Using A Film Thickness Gauge

In contrast to this film manufacturers need to ensure that a film, whilst conforming to a customers specification is also manufactured in the most cost effective manner possible. By measuring and manufacturing within tight tolerances the amount of raw materials used can be significantly reduced, leading to improvements in productivity.

The Hanatek Precision Thickness Gauge (FT3) can also measure the thickness of paper, metallic foils, carton board, corrugated board, tissue, textile and any other packaging substrate.